Welcome to ProHealth & Fitness

ProHealth & Fitness was founded in the year 2000 to provide the highest quality Physical and Occupational therapy rehabilitation services. We provide superb evidenced based Physical and Occupational Therapy services for common orthopedic, neurological, and cardiovascular problems including: Low back pain, arthritis, surgeries, carpal tunnel syndrome, strokes, Parkinson’s, dizziness, heart attacks, and heart failure. In addition the company has developed specialty programs as highlighted to the left in red. ProHealth & Fitness strives to promote quality of life in our patients by providing highly skilled rehabilitation services utilizing evidence based practice to achieve optimal patient centered outcomes.

The company continues to grow and evolve, providing home, office, and outpatient-based Physical therapy and Occupational therapy services. Since the year 2000, we have assisted thousands of patients in reaching and exceeding their rehabilitation goals.

Our locations, West Side, and East Side, are conveniently located. Our Home Program enables patients to be treated in the comfort of their home, whether post a hospitalization, discharge from a home health agency, or just because it is convenient.

Under the direction of Dr. James Nussbaum, ProHealth & Fitness has become a leader in rehabilitation research and patient centered, outcome based care. ProHealth & Fitness currently has IRB approval to research the effects of a number of Physical and Occupational Therapy programs on the quality of life of our patients. Dr. Nussbaum, a board certified clinical specialist, has presented ProHealth &Fitness’ research at National and International conferences and currently is a featured presenter for the New York State Department of Health Task Force on Fall Prevention.

Improve your activities of daily living, build confidence and maintain your independence. Whether you have had a hip replacement, a torn meniscus, a rotator cuff problem, carpal tunnel syndrome, or have back pain, let ProHealth and Fitness help you achieve and exceed your goals!